Pranayama and Meditation

March 04- 2021

Golden Earth had conducted the Pranayama & Meditation series for people in all age groups. It started on 04th March 2022 and was completed on 29th March 2022. Our life force is 'Prana' and Ayama means control. The control of prana is Pranayama. Breathing correctly is the key to great health.

The purpose of this Pranayama & Meditation series was to inspire each person use their own breath as a tool of yoga. These days we face over stimulation; distractions; and high pressure in all spheres of our life. The current pandemic has added additional anxiety and uncertainty to our lives. Correct Breathing is the Key to good health. This is the basis and foundation of life itself. Keeping focused on our breath is a great way to connect with our self and at the same time build our immunity, create a calm and stable self to face up to all our daily stresses.

The sessions were created to relieve mental and physical fatigue, keep mind and body healthy, boost energy levels and provide deep relaxation too. The event was conducted online on zoom.

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