Yoga for Kids

July 06 - 2021

Golden Earth - Journeys in yoga invited children to this alternate day yoga practice class. We had combined various sequences to bring some fun yoga postures and breathing techniques suitable for children.

The purpose of this yoga class has been to get the kids in a fun mode with amazing opportunity to go experience a deep joy while being introduced to yoga, breath work . Helping them with focus and concentration while increasing stability, strength and flexibility in mind and body.

An amazing playful way to get kids connected with themselves, It was wonderful to see the sincerity and love Sonali puts into her classes with the kids, I am looking forward to have my child continue through the coming months too"- one of the parents said. We are delighted to know that the children are enjpying themselves. They are learning to be aware of their feelings, emotions while getting physical activity too. With the school year online, children need this discipline of yoga to bring clarity and stability in every area of their day to day living and we are grateful to part of their journey!

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