Yoga with Sonali

December 01-2021

Golden Earth conducted Yoga Basics series for an overall holistic physical & mental balance. Jump start your new year with Yoga! Working with your body through yoga for better flexibility, strength, calmness and stability. It started on 1st December 2021 and was completed on 22nd December  2021. Begin a new way to be yourself.

The purpose of this Yoga Basics series is to encourage each person to allow the experience of complete health. These sessions have been uniquely designed to to focus on both the active asanas as well as the dynamic breathing practices for a holistic wellness for mind, body and soul. Yoga asana session twice a week with complete focus, pranayama for better immunity and Meditation for calmness and peace. These days we face over stimulation; distractions; and high pressure in all spheres of our life. The current pandemic has added additional anxiety and uncertainty to our lives. Allowing ourselves to deeply care for our self and create a calm and stable self to face up to all our daily stresses. Give that chance to yourself, work on your body with attention and awareness.

The sessions were created to relieve mental and physical fatigue, keep mind and body healthy, boost energy levels and provide deep relaxation. The event will be conducted online on zoom.

These are on going batches - Yoga Basics will continue through the year. Evening batch 7:00 - 8:00 pm IST. The focus on Mon, Wed for asanas and Fri for Pranayama and Meditation.

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