Gentle yoga workshop

  September 22- 2021

Golden Earth - journeys in yoga conducted a five day Gentle Yoga Workshop. These five days we focused is on gentle yoga flows combined with rest and relaxation. We started on Wed 22nd Sept with Yoga Nidra to release resistance and bring in relaxation. Each session was for 45 min session at 5:30 pm . Gentle Flow Yoga is all about being gentle and slow, mindful and aware as we flow along. These practices were suitable to people of all ages. Enquire with us for customising such a five days experiential workshop.

The purpose of this workshop is to enjoy gentle yoga flows while experiencing self care, relaxation and allow the benefits of Yoga to become a part of your life.

Sonali has created a simple and effective sessions to go in deeper within yourself; It's great for releasing stress and taking care of yourself.

Participants of all ages are welcome to be a part of this practice specially for kids over 12 years and adults of all ages are invited to attend this event. The event will be conducted online on zoom and is very effective in imparting practical experience of deep healing and relaxation.

Enquire on Whatsapp +919619436661


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