Yoga & Storytelling

May 10 - 2021

Golden Earth - Journeys in yoga collaboration with Creative Learing to bring a unique online workshop for Kids and adults. We had combined our expertise to bring fun yoga postures and stories interwoven to create a beautiful new canvas for everyone to explore.

The purpose of this unique workshop or Summer Camp was to get everyone including kids and adults in a fun mode with amazing opportunity to go experience a deep joy while being introduced to yoga, breath work and creative aspects including communication and public speaking. This camp was very interactive and as expected everyone was fully involved in learning, communicating, enjoying and generally have a great time.

On the last day we had a beautiful time with entire families joining in and watching their kids perform yoga postures along with some fun skits from the handpicked stories. It was a very successful application of technology and talent as the kids performed in tandem online from their own homes. It was simply marvelous to encourage them and watch them perform.

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