Chakra Balancing

Golden Earth has conducted Chakra Balancing workshop in mid Dec. It was conducted on 18th Dec 2020 and 19th Dec 2020. Chakra Balancing is an unique experience of balancing the excess or under use of our chakras. It was conducted through Kundalini Yoga method. This workshop introduced participants to some basic understanding of chakras and emotions.

The purpose of this Chakra Balancing Workshop was to encourage each person to understand and be introduced to the chakra system. Any imbalance in the chakras leads to excess or dullness. Imbalance causes illness in physical and mental body. This workshop included practical asanas, active pranayama and meditation to release stagnant and held up blocks in the 7 main chakras and the many mini chakras through the human body. Allowing ourselves to to find balance through the practices in Kundalini Yoga, we connected with our body.

These sessions gave us the experience that will relieve not only mental and physical fatigue but also keep mind and body healthy, boost energy levels through release of blocks in chakras. "I could feel the vibrations and a sense of calmness and energy well into the next days. It was an amazing workshop!" - one of the participants said. The event was conducted online on zoom.

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