Yoga and Adventure Camp


yoga and adventure event held may 2019 at lonavala


Golden Earth conducted this Yoga and Adventure Camp for kids in the 6-14 age group. It was attended by kids along with their parents and commenced on 21st May 2019. This retreat held at Osho Saraswati Lonavala right on the banks of Indrayani River with trekking to Bhaja caves,nature walks,boating,also fun yoga stories and much more.This event was well received by the kids and their parents!

The purpose of this Yoga and Adventure Camp was to inspire children to spend time in nature away from gadgets and over stimulation. Three full days of fun and activities to stay super active, to enjoy themselves, make new friends and learn yoga in a fun and relaxed way. Also to enjoy this experience with their parents, so it brings a closeness in the parent -children relationship, allows parents to release their parenting role and really enjoy being with the and children.This Camp allows children to be full of energy and yet relaxed bringing out their personality with ease and fun.The sessions were created to relieve mental and physical fatigue,build attention span and concentration power,boost energy levels,learn new activities and provide deep relaxation too.

Children in the 6-14 years age group attended this retreat with their parents which ended on 23rd May 2019.The event was conducted residentially in Lonavala and proved to be a fun filled,enjoyable break into nature and self, ” It was wonderful trekking to Bhaja caves ! It was my favourite activity! I also loved the fun yoga stories! We really laughed so much! “- quipped an 11 year old participants.

The event was so well received by the kids and their parents! During every summer and winter vacations we have these retreats! Look out for them!

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