Relax and Renew


relax and renew event held in April 2017 ,Andheri ,mumbai

Golden Earth conducted this Relax and Renew workshop for a corporate firm through various offices, which commenced in early April 2017.The Simple yet effective yoga sequences were focused on reducing stress in the employees.This event has become an ongoing event since it was so well received by the participants!

The purpose of this Relax and Renew session was to inspire participants to get on their mats at least a few times a week, aiming to reduce their stress.This session introduced participants to tools to help strive for balance and stability.The sessions were designed to experience reduction in anxiety and stress,while increasing deep healing and relaxation.

Participants of all ages, both young and old attended the session.The event was conducted at the various offices of the company either indoor or outdoor areas.It proved to be a blessing for people struggling with low energy, anxiety and fatigue. ” Sonali, I never knew that I could relax like this! Your voice is so calming! Thank you for this experience”- an excited young father in that office stated.

The event received an amazing response from participants across all their offices.Each office had over 20 participants who experienced this Relax n Renew workshop.

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