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pranayama and meditation retreat event held april 2019 at lonavala

Golden Earth conducted its fifth Pranayama and Meditation online workshop series, which commenced on 11th Aug 2020. Breath is life breath awareness is a powerful change agent. This event was well received by the participants!

The purpose of this Pranayama and Meditation session was to inspire participants to connect to their own breath. Feeling the inspiration to continue daily practice for inner peace and stability to live a healthy, grounded life! Participants were introduced to the concept of how to prepare to reach a meditative state through breathing. Participants were introduced to Meditations and these were experienced using our own breath and sound. It helps bring stillness and peace within and prepares us for the unknown.

Participants of all age groups attended the series. The event was conducted online on zoom and proved to be a great standalone practice (without asanas).”Pranayama and Meditations are greatly helping me increase my sense of connect to my breath and am thankful for the way Sonali is always willing to answer my questions patiently” said one of the participants.

The event has been really well appreciated for its delivery of content in easy experiential guidance. The batch size is limited so personal attention can be given.

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