Leh, Ladakh

life in ladakh trip in august 2019

Golden Earth's third edition -Life in Ladakh Trip, an exciting 8 days journey into Leh and its surrounding areas, commenced on 9th Aug 2019 .An experience of a lifetime for the soul, learning a new facet of yoga & mindfulness while experiencing living in Ladakhi style!

The purpose of Life in Ladakh Trip was a travel retreat,a holiday in harmony with you.One that taught daily practice of yoga and meditation in serene landscapes only the Himalayas can create.Each day you discovered a new place both within and without , as you immersed your senses in Nature’s Splendor.Experiencing the simplicity and kindness of the Ladakhi people living there,interacting with local people and their food,living in spaces to experience local style living.Rediscover your self through the journey living Life in Ladakh and adding yoga to the daily routine,embracing our rich ancient tradition of Yoga.

Participants of all ages, both young and old travelled with us and completed in Leh on 16th Aug 2019.The Life in Ladakh Trip was a discovery of how beautiful living simply is.It was amazing to feel the energy in the beautiful places and spaces in the stunning scenery. "It was truly amazing to connect with the locals anD really participate in the Life in Ladakh. Adding yoga to this in beautiful serene places was quite surreal.A truly unforgettable journey!"- one of the participants said excitedly.

The trip was a beautiful, amazing journey through the Himalayas and connected all those who participated to the rich heritage of Yoga and Ladakh.

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