International Yoga Day

Bandra, Mumbai

group photo after the event held JUNE 2019 ,BANDRA, MUMBAI

Golden Earth conducted the International Yoga Day for different corporate companies on 20th June 2019 in their premises.This day is celebrated in the offices with a Yoga and Pranayama session as per the yoga day protocol set by AYUSH ministry.This day was celebrated with a lot zest and energy in each location by all the participants!

The purpose of the International Yoga Day session was to introduce & inspire participants to embrace our rich ancient tradition of Yoga.To celebrate this tradition by getting their bodies moving and minds relaxed .To understand and imbibe the practical yoga traditions for their own mental and physical fitness.The session introduced participants to some easy practices to help them with their fitness.

Participants of all ages, both young and old attended the session.The event was conducted in various companies.It was amazing to feel the energy in the space we practiced bringing so much enthusiasm and zest.” It was a wonderful beginning practicing yoga today,I am feeling so cheerful and energetic now!I will definitely take it up as a regular practice now”- quipped one of the participants.

The event received an amazing response from participants across all their offices.Each office had over 100 participants who experienced this event.

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