Desk Yoga

Lower Parel, Mumbai


Golden Earth conducted the Desk Yoga for this corporate in their different offices,which commenced in Dec 2019.The simple ,fun yet effective yoga poses done at their desks helped reduce stress .Desk Yoga was so well received by all the participants!

The purpose of the Desk Yoga session was to inspire participants to get their bodies moving and minds relaxed during the daily work hours, aiming to reduce their stress and increasing productivity.The session introduced participants to tools to help strive for calmness,balance and stability.The easy to follow practical tools in yoga including breathing practices and movement through yoga poses while sitting or standing up,help mind and body fitness.

Participants of all ages, both young and old attended the session.The event was conducted at the various offices of the company.It proved to be a blessing for people struggling with low energy,anxiety and fatigue. ” I laughed a lot during the session and i had a discomfort in my neck which has eased out! I am feeling so refreshed!”- quipped one of the participants .

The event received an amazing response from participants across all their offices.Each office had over 100 participants who experienced this Desk Yoga event.

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